A super-cut video of Fox Nation’s ‘Patriot Awards’ is beyond parody

A super-cut video of Fox Nation’s ‘Patriot Awards’ is beyond parody

Fox News anchors and other right-wing personalities recently gathered together for a celebration of "American patriotism” at the Fox Nation streaming service’s Patriot Awards in Hollywood, Florida.

But once The Recount shared a clip of the lowlights of the event on its Twitter feed, people wondered if the ceremony was “real.”

Here are six weird or awkward moments from the event below.

Pete Hegseth joked about “kale eating celebrities” then showed off flag outfit

Seemingly trying to make fun of the “other Hollywood,” the host of the evening Pete Hegseth spoke about “fawning reporters” typically asking “kale-eating celebrities” what designer they are “wearing this evening?”

“Well, at the Patriot Awards, we show them,” he said, opening up his suit jacket that had an American flag design on the inside.

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Laura Ingraham mocked Dr.Fauci with a mask reference

Poking fun at mask usage, Laura Ingram said the following to the audience:

“Oh, I see you in the fifth row with three masks. Oh, Dr. Fauci! Thank you for coming.”

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis talked about a “Faucian dystopia”

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fl.) wants to protect Florida at all costs from vaccination mandates - and he underlined his wish by saying, “We are not going to let Florida descend into a “Faucian dystopia.”

He recently signed four bills that will fine companies for requiring their workers to get vaccinated. Florida is the first state to have this law.

Pete Hegseth called America the “awesomest”

“And I have a pro-tip, if you don’t like it, you can leave it,” he said. It’s an adjective we rarely hear.

Tucker Carlson seemed to think dog movies are unique to America

Tucker Carlson asked the audience “how many other countries have like dog movies where everyone cries?”

And someone in the audience shouted out: “We love our dogs, we don’t eat them.”

The audience chanted “Let’s go Brandon”

In a diss to President Joe Biden, the crowd decided it was best to chant “Let’s go Brandon.”

The phrase originated from a video from a  NASCAR race at Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama as a reporter believed the audience was saying "Let’s go Brandon!" to cheer on Brandon Brown, they  were actually chanting "F*** Joe Biden!"

Certainly, people on Twitter seemed to be utterly confused wondering if the ceremony was an “SNL skit.”

See the responses below.

Overall, to even enter the event, proof of vaccination had to be shown or a negative Covid-19 test result, which seems contradictory to some of the ideologies of the evening.

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