Amazing supercut video shows Fox News hosts are more outraged by burnt Christmas tree than Jan 6 insurrection

A supercut video surfaced is being shared online that shows Fox News hosts more outraged over Wednesday’s Christmas tree fire outside Fox headquarters in New York City, than the insurrection of Capitol Hill on January 6.

Journalist Aaron Rupar took to Twitter to share the supercut video clip that was created by CNN , highlighting the Fox News hosts’ thoughts about the incident.

“We covered this story as a crime, and Fox covered it too, extensively as the centerpiece of their news,” said CNN host Brianna Kielar in the video before it jump cuts to the different footage of the tree burning followed by the hosts’ commentary.

In the video, Sean Hannity said, “Sad news, our very own beautiful 50 foot Fox News Christmas tree was destroyed.”

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In another part of the video, you could hear other hosts saying, “Who sets a Christmas Tree on fire?”

“No one can burn down the spirit of Christmas or destroy our resilience. A new tree is on the way,” added another host who showed what appeared to be the remnants of the tree.

Tucker Carlson also got in on the action in another part, and asked, “Why is burning Christmas trees not a hate crime, according to the DOJ?”

Flash forward to another scene, you see footage of rioters storming the Capitol followed by Fox News anchors coverage of th.

“99 per cent of them [rioters] were peaceful,” said Fox and Friends anchor Steve Doocy in a January 7 discussion.

In a September 23 clip, Carlson said the rioters looked like “tourists.”

“You see people walking around and taking pictures. They don’t look like terrorists; they look like tourists,” he said.

People on Twitter didn’t hold back from commenting on the video.

“Why am I not surprised??” someone wrote.

“Lol, half of them seem close to tears. #FoxNewsXmasTree,” another joked.

A third added: “Fox News: Burning down the Fox Christmas Tree? SACRILEDGE! We’re not safe anywhere from this one guy! Also Fox: Rioting at the Capitol, the seat of our Democracy by hundreds? Meh…”

See other reactions below.

Arson is suspected in the demolition of the giant 50-foot red, white, and blue-themed tree, and NYPD investigators have apprehended a likely culprit.

Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident.

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