Fox News made very funny typo when trying to describe Kate Middleton

Fox News made very funny typo when trying to describe Kate Middleton
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Fox News made a funny typo during a broadcast when describing Kate Middleton's royal title.

On Wednesday's segment of America's Newsroom, hosts Bill Hemmer and Dana Perino reflected on what they thought would happen in the world in 2022.

"I didn't do so hot, but watch this," Perino said before they cut to a clip from December 2021 of the predictions.

In the clip, her guess varied from Middleton announcing another pregnancy to President Joe Biden getting a new chief of staff by the end of the year, which didn't come true.

Hemmer did better with the guessing, correctly predicting that China would not invade Taiwan and Russian President Vladimir Putin would invade Ukraine but wouldn't call it that.

He also predicted that there would be as many streaming services on the market before he and Perino poked fun at CNN+ shutting down five weeks after its release.

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One of the things Hemmer didn't luck out with in his prediction was suggesting that New York City Mayor Eric Adams would be the most spoken-about politician in the US, depending on "what he does with liberal policies."

But while the pair discussed Perino's 2022 predictions, it seems Fox New's graphics team made a hilarious mistake of spelling the country that's a part of Middleton's royal title to a massive, aquatic animal— "Princess of Whales."

"Princess of Whales."Fox News

People online quickly poke fun at the news outlet for the typo.

One person on Twitter wrote: "Made me laugh today with the spelling of the Princess of Whales rather than Wales."

"Oh, Fox News, you can be so entertaining sometimes," another quipped.

A third wrote: "Ok, I know I saw this. I couldn't believe it, but it [was]true. This was on a screen on Fox news. 'The Princess of Whales.' WTH? And these news people are supposed to be educated?"

Hemmer and Perino eventually addressed their 2023 predictions, which included a US ban on TikTok, a visit from Biden to the border, and Tom Brady playing one more season in football.

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