Fox News hosts forced to make humiliating on air U-turn over support …

After spending some of their morning show defending Kanye West, Fox and Friends co-hosts Will Cain and Pete Hegseth suddenly changed their opinion of the rapper after seeing his anti-Semitic tweets.

On Sunday, the awkward 180 seemingly happened live as Cain, Hegseth, and co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy condemned Meta for restricting West's account.

The three spent the early hours of the show calling the restriction "anti-American" and "wrong".

“We’re in this weird era where people can’t just say what they want to say,” Campos-Duffy said. “This idea you have to just shut down his account is just, it’s totally totalitarian, totally anti-American. It’s just wrong.”

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Over the last week, West made several posts on Instagram leading to the tech company to restricting his account, he joined Twitter shortly after.

On Friday, the rapper joined Tucker Carlson onTucker Carlson Tonight to defend himself. Hegseth suggested West's account would not have been restricted had he not appeared on Carlson's show.

However, hours later they were forced to clarify their opinion of the rapper upon realizing he was attacking Jewish people.

"We talked about it earlier without knowing about these tweets," Hegseth said. "Saying, 'of course they’re going to put a target, after what he said with Tucker there’s going to be a target, no doubt.' But in this particular case, he brought the target."

Cain called West's Twitter outburst “pretty ugly” and "condemnable" while Hegseth also added it was "ugly.”

Campos-Duffy did not comment on the tweets but said "the question is should he be removed from Instagram and who gets to decide that?”

Twitter locked West's account after he made the anti-Semitic tweets.

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