Fox News has a field day after journalist appears to draw 'penis' on Jan 6 witnesses

Fox News has a field day after journalist appears to draw 'penis' on Jan 6 witnesses
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Fox News host Jesse Watters couldn't help but point out an awkward drawing a Washington Post journalist made while talking about the January 6 hearings.

On Wednesday, Watters was joined by Fox News contributor Joe Concha to discuss how during a Washington Post Live January 6 hearing analysis a journalist was pointing out some key witnesses that made an unfortunately phallic looking pattern.

"Who says January 6 coverage isn't sexy?" Watters joked during his segment Telestrator Tragedy.

During the video, The Post's James Hohmann pointed out several witnesses that the House Select Committee used during the fourth hearing. Using a marker, Hohmann circled five people first with a circle, then an oval, then another circle creating a shape that many noted looked very similar to a penis.

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Watters and Concha giggled in-between cracking jokes about the funny moment.

"I don't ask much of our lord and savior," Concha said.

The five witnesses Hohmann circled on the telestrator were B.J. Pak, Shaye Moss, Brad Raffensperger, Rusty Bowers and Gabriel Sterling.

The House Select Committee used the fourth hearing and witnesses to describe the pressure former President Donald Trump and his lawyers put on state legislators to overturn the election. The hearings will continue on Thursday.

But the topic of the hearings was overshadowed by the distracting shape Hohmann's circles created.

"You don't want to be the final testicle on the Washington Post coverage of January 6th," Watters joked.

"That would be a place you don't want to be," Concha responded.

The two men laughed before Concha added, “I knew when I woke up today I would be discussing this on prime time television in front of 2.5 million people. Thank you.”

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