Gamer's pancreas started 'eating itself' after he downed 12 energy drinks to impress friends

Gamer's pancreas started 'eating itself' after he downed 12 energy drinks to impress friends
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A gamer who downed 12 energy drinks in a weird attempt to impress his friends was in for a rude awakening when his pancreas began "digesting itself."

In a video shared to the YouTube channel ChubbyEmu, Dr Bernard Hsu, the clinical doctor behind the channel, said that the 36-year-old gamer's pancreas was essentially eating itself as a result of the massive levels of caffeine, sugar and chemicals in energy drinks.

The doctor routinely shares stories about his and his colleagues' patients.

In the video, which featured an actor's reenactment of the situation, Hsu spoke about the lifelong gamer, called "JS," who had a rough time making friends.

However, in an effort to make those connections, JS took on the dare of drinking the 12 energy drinks every 10 minutes.

"At first, it felt cold on the way down. He could feel the burn at the back of his throat," Hsu said.

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But as JS continued to scarf down can after can of the energy drinks, Hsu said he felt "discomfort," describing the feeling as "sores growing and tearing up his mouth."

Naturally, the feelings JS experienced grew even more painful. But he decided to distract himself from the pain and started to play "games."

As the hours passed on, JS started to get heart flutters, but he dismissed it because caffeine "never really had much of an effect" on him.

Still, the pain traveled to his chest and back, and he knew he was "wired." So, he took a shot of alcohol to help with pain relief.

But that exacerbated the situation even more, and JS threw up into the kitchen sink.

Waiting at least a whole 24 hours and being unable to eat or drink at this point, JS called 911 and went to the emergency room.

While there, he threw up on a nurse's shoes and was hesitant to admit that he drank the number of energy drinks he did out of embarrassment.

Following an evaluation, doctors found that JS had acute pancreatitis, whereby his pancreas was suddenly "digesting itself."

As noted by Hsu, this started to get out of control even faster as JS was looking better and ready to get home.

"As the hours passed, JS starts to get the chills. He starts running a fever as his blood pressure starts to drop. His heart is trying to keep up by pumping harder and faster, but it's not enough," Hsu said.

Fortunately, after antibiotics and treatment, JS fully recovered, and the incident was a "wake-up call."

With that, Hsu drove home the importance of being mindful when consuming energy drinks.

"If you have one once in a while, and you're young and healthy, it's probably not a big deal. But if you start chugging multiple cans back to back, then bad things are probably going to happen."

Check out the full video below.

A Gamer Drank 12 Energy Drinks In 10 Minutes. This Is What Happened To His

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