21 hilarious memes about those annoying GDPR emails


The day has finally arrived when you can finally say goodbye to all those unwanted emails and newsletters because it is the GDPR deadline.

That's right - this is the final day that companies or businesses that own any data about you can get in touch asking whether they can retain that information.

This is all thanks to a new EU data law. It will give you more control over your personal information online, thus reducing the amount of spam that you receive in your inbox.

If you've been keeping track of your emails over the past few weeks, you will have likely seen a lot of messages from companies practically begging you not to leave them.

It's fair to say that some have become pretty desperate and have started to use the type of language that you would hear in a break-up, like 'we don't want this to be the end' and 'it's not you, it's me.'

OK, maybe not that last one.

Either way, the downpour of emails has seen a lot of people make a lot of jokes about GDPR emails and here are the best that we've seen online.

As the big day approached, it was pretty obvious how eager some websites were to keep you on board.

The Labour Party used a unique tactic.

Even political rockers Rage Against the Machine are GDPR compliant. What is the world coming to?

Without a shadow of a doubt, Star Wars director Rian Johnson had the best meme.

Yet there is a perverse pleasure in deleting those emails.

Not all of them are worth deleting.

Still, please bear a thought for those who would love to receive a GDPR email.

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