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It's crunch time for companies with a gender pay gap - aka the vast majority of the companies - in the UK.

More than 10,000 large firms have provided details of their gender pay gap, with three-quarters of them paying men more than women.

But don't think we're letting the US get away with it, even if Donald Trump administration halted the Obama-era rule requiring large companies to disclose what they pay employees by race and gender. Incidentally, the gender pay gap in the White House has tripled since Trump took office.

To mark Equal Pay Day on 10 April - which is how far into the year women need to work in order to make what men did in the previous year - the team at Expert Market have created a new map visualising the extent of the gender pay gap in every state across America.

Louisiana tops the list as the place with the biggest gender pay gap problem, with men earning an extra £10,782 ($15,238) more than women, more than the gap seen in New York and California combined. Florida has the smallest pay gap where the difference is £3,873 ($5,474), three times lower than that seen in Louisiana

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The reasons behind the gender pay gap are complex.

Women in Britain make one per cent less than men who have the same function and level at the same employer, according to data for 8.7 million employees surveyed by Korn Ferry, a consultancy.

Instead, the bulk of the gap in pay results from differences in rank within companies and pay severely dropping off at the typical age of motherhood. Pricey childcare forces one parent to stay at home - and it is usually the mother.

The data is sourced from the National Women’s Law Center (NWLC) to determine average wages in each US state and pinpoint where the largest gender wage gaps are.

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