<p>Not the fire in question, but we imagine it looked pretty similar</p>

Not the fire in question, but we imagine it looked pretty similar

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Another gender reveal party has resulted in widespread horror, this time as a wildfire in Canada.

An explosive device was set off six miles west of Fort McMurray  Forest Protection Area  in Albert, Canada on May 31, according to a report from CBC Newshe decid. Meant to announce an incoming baby’s gender, it ended up sparking a wildfire that grew about an acre.

Travis Fairweather, a spokesperson for Alberta Wildfire, said the people who set off the device were issued a $600 fine for the incident. They could also be forced to pay for the cost of fighting the fire.

“While fireworks and exploding targets can be fun, they can also come with a hefty price tag if you inadvertently start a wildfire,” Fairweather said.

The fire was started by a disc loaded with gender-colored powder. It’s a common way to announce a baby’s sex, which is a slightly bizarre practice that’s gained immense and troubling popularity over the last decade, so much so that the creator of the gender reveal has said they regret bringing it into existence.

A push to end the practice, which often results in disaster, pain, and sometimes death, has become popular online. Still, the reveals keep going, no matter how embarrassing they appear.

Fairweather said this was the third wildfire started by an exploding target so far in the season.

"When you fire a round at them and it connects, it creates a small explosion," he explained. "Especially in dry conditions, that initial explosion can create some heated debris … and when that hits the ground, it can simmer and certainly start a wildfire."

"[Gender reveal parties] do seem to be growing in popularity and people are trying to one-up the last one, that is for sure. I think I saw an exploding golf ball once," Fairweather continued.

"Certainly we’re hoping that the exploding targets don’t become a more common method for that."

Despite all the fuss, the baby’s gender remains a secret to most of us. Fairweather told a local Edmonton newspaper that he was unaware of the color of the powder that caused the wildfire.

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