A 'ghost' has been scaring walkers by telling them to 'f**k off'

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A foul-mouthed “woman in white” has reportedly been telling visitors to a Somerset beauty spot to “f*** off”.

The swearing spectre has been frightening those who visit Dead Woman's Ditch, on the Quantock Hills with expletive-laced tirades, according to MailOnline.

The site got its eerie name after Jane Walford was murdered by her husband John at the location in 1789, the paper reports.

Although people first reported the potty-mouthed ghoul two years ago, it now appears the ghost is back with an even sharper tongue.

Ghosthunters Christine and Dave Thomas began investigating the claims in 2020 - but the paranormal entities didn’t seem pleased by the probe.

Christine has said she was told to “f*** off” by the spirits, Somerset Live reports.

According to the news site, others have also had run-ins with mysterious spectres in the area.

One local said that when they were 17, they spotted a woman dressed in “white, old-fashioned clothing” at the side of the road.

Another said they previously spotted a “tall figure with a long dark coat” near the road, but when they looked back no one was there.

Another local said: “Given the behaviour of many visitors to the hills and the vast numbers, I can understand why she is ticked off.”

MailOnline reports that not all locals are quite so worried, however, with one saying it’s likely a “Bluetooth speaker hidden in the bushes” while another quipped that “even the ghosts are going chav”.

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