Golden retrievers can hold eggs in their mouths without breaking them and it is adorable

laurdreyfuss Twitter screengrab

Sookie is very good at tricks. She can balance dog treats, crisps and even a croissant on her nose.

So when her owner, Carrie DoComb, saw the #GoldenRetrieverEggChallenge floating around online, she know she had to test it on her dog.

For those of you not familiar with the challenge, Golden Retrievers are known to have 'soft mouths', which means they can carry objects in their mouths without damaging them. Owners can even train them to carry an egg in their mouth without breaking it.

And that, precisely, is the challenge.

Twitter user @laurdreyfuss, whose aunt owns the dog, posted a video of Sookie online with an uncooked egg in her mouth.

The internet lost their minds (and to be honest, we don’t blame them).

The video was viewed over four million times, with many praising the dog’s gentle nature and self - control.

Other retriever owners shared their successful attempts...

...and their not-so-successful attempts...

Some criticised the owner for being cruel to the dog, however @laurdreyfuss insisted that the owner, who is their aunt, is a pet technician.

'For the HUNDREDTH TIME, she was confused lol. My aunt is a veterinary technician and her and her husband would never cause harm to their animals. she is very, very well taken care of.

Sookie has her own Facebook page too, dedicated to documenting all the things she can balance on her nose.

So. Cute.

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