Huge unidentified object discovered off the coast of Greece on Google Maps

Huge unidentified object discovered off the coast of Greece on Google Maps

A strange object off the coast of Greece has been found on Google Earth and no one seems to have a clue about what it is.

The circular object, complete with smaller circles towards the centre of the shape can clearly be seen sitting beneath the surface just metres off the shores of Michaniona, Thessaloniki.

The structure was shared on YouTubeby user 'The Hidden Underbelly 2.0' who claimed, by his measurements, that the object is around 220 feet long.

In the caption for the video they say:

This image can be viewed on Google Earth and here are the Coordinates 40°27'4.62" 22°51'39.78" So please have a look for yourself and according to the Google earth measurements this object is over 220 feet in length

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At the time of writing there has been no definitive suggestion as to what it actually is.

Comments on the video have ranged from the object being a former lighthouse to a volcanic crater or even an alien spacecraft.

One user wrote: "That's one unusual alien spacecraft. I've never seen anything like it! Is this Salarian or Asari?"

Another said: "WW2 echo, 5 ton bomb crater, which England used against Germany and Italy, to destroy warships and shore infrastructure."

A third said: "For anyone who thinks this made up: I went to Google Earth and zoomed in on the place. In the history slide, you can go back to 2003. All clear until 2018. Good catch. I wonder what it is- Thus far it is not identified and it is underwater. A USO indeed. Cheers."

USO stands for 'unidentified submerged object.'

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