<p>Hattie Retroage pictured with her ex-boyfriend John on Channel 5 show Age Gap Love</p>

Hattie Retroage pictured with her ex-boyfriend John on Channel 5 show Age Gap Love

YouTube/Age Gap Love

An 85-year-old grandma has joined Bumble to look for love after splitting up with her 39-year-old boyfriend.

Hattie Retroage, from New York, told Fabulous that she joined the app to “find some fun” and that she is exclusively interested in younger men.

She said: “I’m not dating anyone now. Will be posting on Bumble, as some friends have met men there.

“I’ll be starting to date again now that I can be intimate, and enjoy making love again!

“I’m thrilled that my sex style is turning the tide. It’s not only the old guys that enjoy young women - we are turning the tide!”

Retroage was previously married but her relationship broke down when she was 48. It was then when she decided to turn her attention to younger men.

She used to go on Tinder dates three times a week but was eventually blocked on the app. She was also blocked from Match and has appeared on the Channel 5 show Age Gap Love where she met her ex-boyfriend, John.

Speaking about her success on the app, she said: “I have never met a man who doesn’t want to f*** me.”

She added: “Yesterday morning I got a call from a young guy in Israel to tell me he had a crush on me. So cute!”

Retroage is now writing a book called Cougar Chronicles about her dating history, which has seen her post adverts in local newspapers looking for young men to sleep with and

Good luck to her.

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