Can you guess the Gen Z email signs-offs?

Can you guess the Gen Z email signs-offs?
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Gen Z has entered the workforce in recent years, and with that, the generation has brought its own phrases, expressions and ways of working that differ from their older predecessors.

While fed up with the different jargon needed to navigate the workplace, over half of younger employees (54 per cent) admit to changing the way they speak to fit in, according to research from LinkedIn and Duolingo.

But Gen Z is putting their own stamp on professional tasks, such as signing off an email where young workers are using their creativity to end their emails - and a lot of them have gone viral on TikTok.

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Babbel, the online language learning platform, has gathered some of the most unusual ways Gen Z employees have decided to sign off their emails, and there is plenty of creativity on show.

See if you can sort the genuine Gen Z pleasantries from the red herrings.

Question 1 - Spot the culinary Gen Z sign-off:

  1. “Hasta la pasta”
  2. “Bone apple teeth”
  3. “*Chef’s kiss*”

Question 2 - Pick the ultimate Gen Z regards:

  1. “Blessed Regards”
  2. “Lukewarm regards”
  3. “Mean Regards”

Question 3- Which beverage related phrase is the real Gen Z way to say farewell?

  1. “Stay Hydrated, Queens”
  2. “More espresso, less depresso”
  3. “Let’s go for coffee soon”

Question 4 - It’s all about alliteration. Which has actually been used as a Gen Z sign-off?

  1. “Slay, serve, survive”
  2. “alright alright alright”
  3. “Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica”

Question 5- How would your Gen Z colleague wish you a happy weekend?

  1. “Speak soon - enjoy your weekend.”
  2. “Slay, serve, survive”
  3. “Have a good one!”

Question 6 - The social media generation isn’t always feeling social, which of these is the real misanthropic Gen Z sign-off?

  1. “Regards.”
  2. “Don’t cross me”
  3. “Sorry, I can’t talk right now but will get back to you ASAP!”
(Scroll down to find the correct answers!)

Esteban Touma, Language Expert at Babbel, has noted how the "rules of the game have changed" since Gen Z has arrived, making workspaces "informal and welcoming.

"Your Gen Z colleagues have grown up in an era of instant messaging, social media, and texting, which have influenced their communication style," he said.

Gen Z used less traditional email sign-offs compared to Millennials and Boomers.iStockphoto by Getty Images

"They naturally gravitate towards more casual sign-offs as a reflection of their overall digital communication habits and a shift in language across society as a whole.

The formal etiquette of the workplace has taken a step back in recent years - with a recent study by Deloitte surveying 1,500 Gen Z workers finding that the younger generation expects “more personalisation in how they want to be treated by their employer”.

Informal sign-offs and even out-of-office replies now allow for self-expression - “Another day, another slay”, “Please enjoy your break from me”.

Here are the answers to the questions:

Question 1 - Hasta la pasta was the correct answer and was mentioned as an example of a Gen Z email sign-off in a viral TikTok by the CEO of Fox & Robin, an activewear company which claims to “hire only Gen Z."

Question 2 - Lukewarm regards was the right answer, as it has been quoted as being one of Gen Z's snarky sign-offs.

Question 3 - "Stay hydrated queens" is a Gen Z sign-off - The phrase 'yas queen' originated in the ballrooms of NYC by the Black trans and queer community as a way to celebrate, Gen Z has incorporated this phrase into most of their language.

Meanwhile, “More espresso less depresso” is Millennial, where they often joke about the need for coffee is a common millennial trait, though one derided by Gen Z counterparts.

Let’s go for coffee soon” is literal and collegial, leaving no room for confusion - it could only be a Boomer.

Question 4 - There are Gen Z sign-off answer is "alright, alright, alright," and "slay serve survive" could also be used by this age group.

Question 5 - "Slay, serve, survive" is the correct answer and a humorous sign-off informed by meme culture.

"Have a good one!" is Millennial - an informal tone without being jovial, and Speak soon - enjoy your weekend is a boomer sign-off, more factual and formally written, as you’d expect of the letter-writing generation.

Question 6 - The correct Gen Z answer is "Don't cross me," since the new generation is finding a way to get straight to the point in the workplace while maintaining some humour.

For Millennials, “Sorry, I can’t talk right now but will get back to you ASAP!” sums up this generation's politeness in online communication, so you can expect to see exclamation marks and effusive apologies.

Finally, Boomers are simple, and to the point, the older generation is happy to cut through the pleasantries with just a "Regards" sign-off.

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