How do you make sure a woman has a good time in the bedroom? Place her on your amp and play one note on a bass? Bingo.

Writng on the forum Ultimate Guitarone user claimed that he was going to take his date home and do exactly this, repeatedly playing F# on his bass, 'to see if it gets her where she wants to go'.

And apparently, it worked.

User mrjimborinsane wrote:


It would seem that the old F# worked.

She ended up screaming in pleasure.

I declare this experiment a 100% success.

But he may have spoken too quickly, because he later wrote:

So it would seem that she was getting off on the vibrations, but I don't think that it worked like it should have done exactly, it was probably more just like when they sit on washing machines.

But this isn't the only time someone has tried to do this.

Broadlyinvestigated if there really is a musical note than can cause women to orgasm.

They came across former child star Craig Huxley, who invented an aluminium machine in the seventies called the 'Blaster Beam,' which could apparently induce orgasms with a single note. Huxley told Broadly:

Many women have thanked me for it.

The Blaster Beam stimulates the sacral chakra , which lies about 5 cm below the navel. And it also stimulates the root chakra , located at the lower end of the spine. It's like an eighth and a half below the lowest note of the piano ... It's the lowest note there is.

He says it’s mostly an E note, but that an instrument doesn’t compare to the Blaster Beam.

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