The definitive answer to what's better: the male or female orgasm

Who has it better in the bedroom? Men or Women?

According to Cosmopolitan's Female Orgasm Survey, men, based on the hit rate for orgasming during sex.

But if we're going for quality, not quantity, which gender wins?

That's the question AsapScience has attempted to answer in their latest video.

In terms of length of orgasm, men tend to last between three and 10 seconds, whereas women take around 20 or more seconds.

The frequency of your orgasms may also be linked to your sexual orientation, at least if you are a woman.

While bisexual and gay men are likely to have around the same number as their heterosexual counterparts, bisexual and lesbian women average around 12 per cent more orgasms than heterosexual women during sex.

This may be linked to duration of time spent going at it - lesbian couples spent on average 30-45 minutes in bed together, compared to 15-30 mins for heterosexual couples.

Interestingly, brain activity during orgasms has been found by scans to be remarkably similar for men and women, despite the fact that patterns during arousal are typically different between the sexes.

In addition, men and women both release the tiredness and sleep hormone prolactin after orgasm, and both do so four times as much after sex with a partner than with masturbation.

As for the strength of the orgasm, this differs on an individual level - the best way to increase this is to get to know your own body, needs and emotions.

Watch the full video, below:

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