Fitness influencer branded ‘entitled’ over angry rant about ‘gym etiquette’

Fitness influencer branded ‘entitled’ over angry rant about ‘gym etiquette’

A fitness fanatic has suffered a barrage of criticism after sharing her frustrations about filming in a gym.

The TikTok user, called Lisette, posted a video describing how she’d started working out at a new spot “only to find out people don’t have gym etiquette.”

In the clip, she explains that she was recording her exercises and stretches when she was interrupted by at least two people.

“Here I was recording my leg stretch session for the past 15 minutes and this lady chose to squeeze between a narrow space and walk across my video, despite having a bigger space to walk through on the other side,” she said in the clip, which showed her looking intensely irritated.

She added that it was evident she was filming because “the space between me and my phone is not that wide and it was obviously set up on a bright pink hydroflask”.

She then highlighted how a man “chose to walk in front [of her camera] even though he already saw me recording.”

Lisette shared her complaints with her 17,000 TikTok followers, presumably in the expectation that they would sympathise with her plight.

Instead, she was met with a stream of exasperation and condemnation, with more than 21,400 people commenting on the video which racked up 2.3 million views in just one week.

“The facial expressions, the entitlement, the irrational response to people minding their own business. ALL OF IT embarrassing,” one critic wrote.

“Can we talk about how you are filming so many people in the gym without their consent? That is much worse etiquette,” said another.

“Another person who thinks everything revolves around them,” remarked a third.

While a fourth insisted: “Gym etiquette is understanding everyone else’s workout is more important than our phones. They are working out, not looking for people’s phones.”

Lisette said one man ‘chose’ to walk in front of her @lissettepma/TikTok

Others were delighted at how united all viewers were in their response to Lisette’s complaints.

“Man I’ve never seen a comment section where not one single person is defending the creator,” one commented.

While another added: “The worst part is she posted this video in good faith thinking people would agree with her – a true Karen.”

Lisette later responded to the damning assessments of her behaviour, writing: “Guys, it’s normal for people to record themselves at the gym. I do it to watch my progress and I always move away and put myself in a corner.

“Normally, I don’t care if people walk across when I know it’s in a crowd. I understand what you guys are saying, but I did isolate myself.”

But people still weren’t convinced.

“Just remove the video,” one viewer replied. “You’re in the wrong for just assuming everyone knows you’re recording. Gym etiquette is cleaning your machine when done.”

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