A woman got called out after trying to shame an 'ego lifter' at the gym

A woman got called out after trying to shame an 'ego lifter' at the gym
Boxer Anthony Joshua cheers on powerlifter before her set

A woman shared her frustration at the fact a fellow gym-goer - or "ego-lifter" as she called him - was completing his workout close to her and posted the recorded footage on TikTok - only to be called out for it.

"This ego lifter at Golds kept going in front of me to do these half-ass reps,” the overlay caption by user @dvniel_73, who has since deleted their account.

In response, personal trainer and TikToker Joey Swoll (@thejoeyswoll) who is known for breaking down gym videos on TikTok gave an insight into what was going on in this particular video and described what the man was doing.

Watch the TikTok in full here.

"So these are called ‘partials,'” Swoll explained. “This is a great exercise for the deltoid; it’s going to give you a great burn, great pump.

"The key to this workout is to only do about one-third the range of motion of a side lateral raise and to also go heavy and high rep. A lot of great bodybuilders love this movement; it’s great for size. The late great John Meadows, one of the best to ever do it, rest in peace to him, he loved this exercise.”

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Swoll then addressed the creator of the original video and directly shared his thoughts on the video she posted.

“I also don’t think this man is standing in front of the rack to be mean or disrespectful to you,” he said. “I think it’s just easier for him to use heavyweights, re-rack it, and do drop set moving down the line, after drop set.

He then called out the TikToker for taking a video in order to film the man.

"Also, the fact that you had to hide your phone to take this video shows me that you knew better, that you knew you were wrong in what you were doing, but you did it anyway. Be better than that. Mind your own business.”

Safe to say the woman's TikTok backfired...

(Left) The original video which personal trainer Joey Swoll (right) reacted toTikTok/dvniel_73 and thejoeyswoll

Since posting his response, Swoll's video has received 7.5m views and 1.1m likes, along with thousands of comments commending the TikToker for calling the woman out.

One person wrote: "This is why I work out at home.. people like her."

"I’ll be honest, didn’t know that was a thing. I really do appreciate you explaining what it does and especially how polite and modest you are," another person said.

Someone else replied: I love how calmly you put them in their place. Absolutely amazing

"Actually a very informative video ngl," a fourth person replied.

Though some did side with the woman and felt that the man should have been more aware of his surroundings.

One person wrote: "Yeah but get out of the way we ain’t here to wait around for him to finish."

"I think it’s a good movement, but don’t just stand in front of someone else at the gym," another person said. "Especially when they can’t move out from behind you."

Someone else replied: "Yeah my gym has rules against lifting right in front of the weights."

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