Teenagers are roasting the decor trend beloved by millennials and TikTok users love it
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Not content with coining the term ‘cheugy’ with which to brand cringe-worthy millennials, Generation Z is yet again poking fun at the generation that went before them — this time over what they’re calling “Home Goods-style quote-decor”.

Specifically, it’s those cheesy signs that are text-heavy, and often repeatedly refer to the location in which they’re displayed.

There’s now an array of videos on TikTok of young people mocking their elders’ home decor in vacation homes. They enthusiastically go around reading signs in their beach or lake houses, which tend to say ... well ... that it is beach or lake house.

In one video by TikToker @theslothman87, you hear a guy in the background saying “we’re at the lake” as another guy holds a picture frame next to a sign that says the exact same thing.

It then jump-cuts to a young woman sitting on what appears to be a couch while the same guy zooming into another lake-related sign displaying “lake rules.”

“Lake Rules, Go Barefoot, Read a Book, Jump off the Dock.”Photo by @slothman87/TikTok

In another scene within the video, the guy in the background says “what happens at the lake stays at the lake!” while the same young man holds up a sign that says that verbatim while whispering “stays at the lake.”

“What happens at the lake, stays at the lake.”Photo courtesy of @slothman87/TikTok

The video continues on with both the young man and woman in various parts of the house, highlighting all things about lakes through the quote-decor.

Another video from TikToker @bidiminaj shows a group of friends going around a home reading some of the quote-decor in American south accents.

“You can’t reach for the skies if your hands are still full of yesterday’s junk,” said the TikToker while reading the sign.

“You can’t reach for the skies if your hands are still full of yesterday’s junk.”Photo courtesy of @bidiminaj/TikTok

“She’s whiskey in a teacup,” another friend said.

“She’s whiskey in a teacup.” Photo courtesy @bidiminaj/TikTok

Towards the end, @bidiminaj - real name Peyton - introduces her mom, saying “this is my mama right here, bless her heart.”

BuzzFeed News spoke to Peyton, who said that all of the signs are in her house and that she and her friends were following another viral trend— people talking in exaggerated Southern accents.

The videos are quite hilarious because they encapsulate something true: millennials (and some Gen X and Boomers) just love distinctive home decor, especially quirky and inspirational quotes.

All in all, while the HomeGoods quotes aesthetic might come off basic, it shouldn’t matter. As long as it makes you happy to have a sign that says “home is where the heart is” while you curl up on the couch with hot coffee and smile, then that’s what counts.

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