Homeless man screams in horror as ‘animal rights activists’ steal his dog in shocking video

Screengrab / Twitter

Shocking footage that appears to show a dog being wrestled from a homeless man has gone viral.

The distressing clip, which was reportedly captured in Paris in 2015 and shows “animal rights activists” forcibly taking a dog away from its owner, has resurfaced on Twitter.

On Twitter, people reacted strongly to the footage, with some​ e​ve​n c​alling the​ activists "scum".

So what happened next?

Thankfully, this story has a happy ending. After a petition to reunite the dog with its owner was signed over 240,000 times, the pooch was returned. Antony Blanchard, president of the France-based animal welfare group Cause Animale Nord, admitted that his organisation was wrong to take the puppy.

After a brief stay with a foster family in the nearby French municipality of Wattignies, the puppy and his owner are now back together.

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