Hospice nurse shares what people regret when they're dying

Fear of dying is quite natural, but one hospice nurse is using TikTok to help ease some of them by educating viewers about the process of death.

In one video, the nurse who goes by the name of Julie explained that a lot of the patients in her care often report feeling regrets on their deathbeds.

Julie’s job means she’s often with people at the endpoint of their lives, and she replied to a question asking: “What kind of regrets do you hear? I feel like in the end, everyone’s going to have regrets of some sort. Common?”

In her response, she pointed to some of these regrets as a lesson in “how to not have regrets at the end of your life”.

Julie explained: “As a hospice nurse and death and dying educator, people ask me this question all the time and here’s what I’ve found in general.

“Most people at the end of their life have regrets about not appreciating their health, not appreciating being alive – the little things, – working their life away and not spending more time with family.”


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“This is very general, but that is what most people say to me who are on hospice and dying.”

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Julie said that through her experience and her job, she’s learned from her patients how to make the most of life.

Julie went on: “That tells me to be in the moment, live presently, be grateful, don’t take for granted your health and little things about living life.

“Don’t work your life away if you don’t have to, or make it so you don’t have to. And spend time with those you love – not necessarily family, but those you love and who make you feel loved.”

People in the comments were grateful for her insights, and promised to keep this in mind going forward.

One person wrote: “thank you I needed to hear that.”

Someone else added: “Great advice thank you.”

Another commented: “Excellent, spend quality time with loved ones... I'm going to make sure I'll do this.”

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