Chef grosses out people by cutting a salmon with his hand in hot tub

Chef grosses out people by cutting a salmon with his hand in hot tub
Cher Jernard Wells shows off his BBQ grilled salmon recipe

A chef has gone viral thanks to the unorthodox way he chose to peel a salmon filet from the fish's scales.

You may have seen a video on the internet in the past few days of a fully clothed chef emerging from a hot tub, wiping the water away from his face and then using the same hand to effortlessly peel the scales of the salmon away from the fillet before then returning to the water.

The video, which is set at night on a rooftop pool and is soundtracked by 'Dive In' by Trey Songz has racked up millions of views across Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.

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The man in the clip is actually Chef Benjamin, a professional private chef from Dallas, Texas and much like other celebrity chefs, such as Salt Bae, isn't afraid of adding a little flamboyance and razzmatazz to his culinary skills if the cameras are around.

However, the clip in question, which was shared back in April, isn't exactly winning him many fans as many who have watched have questioned whether it is hygienically safe and if the water and the fish are now both contaminated.

That being said he appears to be taking this all in his stride and is even posting Usher memes about it.

Look as we said, he seems to do this sort of stuff all the time and a bit of negativity looks unlikely to slow him down.

Hey, who knows. Maybe 'Salmon Bae' might just take off...

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