A TikToker who claims to be a former hotel worker posted a viral video warning followers against eating continental breakfasts at hotels.

Brandi Augustus, who goes by @brandiaugustus on the platform, spoke on why it’s best to avoid hotel breakfast in the video captioned, “Don’t eat the free breakfast!”

“I don’t know how to say this without being attacked by people in the industry, but y’all, if your hotel serves the hot continental breakfast, eggs, waffles stuff like that, don’t eat that s***,” Augustus said in the video as eerie music played in the background.

Augustus noted that she has worked in numerous hotels in the industry as a front desk and night auditor for “almost 15 years” and that there’s one particular item to steer clear of - waffles.

She said the waffle maker wasn’t always cleaned and replaced and the waffle batter isn’t “made every day.”

“That waffle batter gets reused until it starts to smell like beer,” Augustus said.

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Speaking on corporate management, she said, “They don’t give a s*** about that breakfast.”

Augustus said she was once told by a higher-up to only “used one paper towel to clean everything all night.”

“He [the higher up] said it was environmentally friendly instead of using a rag or a sponge or even mostly paper towels to clean things like bowls, spatulas, the tables.”

With that, the advice Augustus left viewers who “were to do a hotel breakfast,” they should consider a chef who cooks “your breakfast with the breakfast included.”

“I’m just trying to save y’all a headache,” she added.


Don’t eat the free breakfast! #hotelhacks #nightaudit #hotel

People in the comments, who also alleged to be former hotel workers, shared similar sentiments to Augustus.

“I have worked in the food industry for over 12 years. Mostly worked as a morning hotel chef or manager. The buffet eggs are a no-go,” someone wrote.

“Grown people scary stories smh. I worked as a cleaner at a hotel and my coworker would clean toilet seats with the toilet brush,” another added.

A third wrote: “As a night auditor for a very popular hotel, she [is] telling the truth!! Stick to the prepackaged foods, also check the room before you bring luggage in.”

Someone else said that they were “never getting up that early to eat” a hotel breakfast.

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