10 best fan reactions to 'divisive' House of the Dragon theme music

10 best fan reactions to 'divisive' House of the Dragon theme music
House of the Dragon opening credits sequence reuses Game of Thrones theme ...

Fans of HBO’s House of the Dragon have shared their passionate feelings about ... the show’s opening theme music.

House of the Dragon was released earlier this month, but when it first began, it didn’t have the opening credits sequence.

The second episode of the series aired on Sunday (28 August) featuring the new credits sequence and some Game of Thronesfans are in a state of nostalgia because it reused Ramin Djwadi’s original theme music.

Many people appreciated the theme song’s return to the screen, but some weren’t that impressed the decision.

Read on to discover 10 of the best fan reactions to the show’s “divisive” theme music.

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Turn the music up, please

“Me when House of the Dragon end credits started playing,” one person wrote, sharing a composite image of a sound system volume machine being cranked up to the maximum and a young man appearing excitable with headphones on.

There was a Blade vampire-hunter reference

“Digging that the HOUSE OF THE DRAGON opening credits designers definitely just rewatched the third act of BLADE (1998) (dir. Stephen Norrington),” another added.

The classic tune is ... twerkable?

“The opening credits to [the] house of the dragon had me twerking my s***,” someone else jokingly wrote.

The theme song gave some people the chills

“Episode 2 of House of the Dragon, and we get a chill-inducing opening credits now!!” one added.

One person thought it needed a Lizzo flute ensemble

“I don’t mind [if] they used the same song - makes sense. But why not mix up arrangement with, say, a Lizzo flute or a kazoo.”

Some thought the blood-soaked opening credits were “ridiculous” and “corny”

“So, I just watched the opening credits for house of the dragon, and I really did not like it. the blood thing looks ridiculous and is so corny... and I was so excited to hear the main theme of HOTD only for them to reuse the one from game of thrones.”

Others said the opening credits seem “hasty and weirdly edited”

“Why does it feel like they put together the opening credits of House Of The Dragon last week[?] It's so hasty and weirdly edited. I mean, I am glad they took our view into account and brought back the Game Of Thrones opening credits, but they better improve it by next episode,” another fan wrote.


“House of the dragon just using the game of thrones theme for the opening credits is pretty f****** lame actually.”

Dismissed as a boring rehash

“Meh to me, it's just a boring rehash of what they did with GOT, except with blood and even less color. it's very disappointing.”

Despite it incorporating elements of the book Fire and Blood, it was branded “lazy”

“It was like 'ok, the book is called Fire and Blood, so what if we put some fire... And BLOOD ON THE OPENING CREDITS?' Really lazy.”

House of the Dragon airs every Sunday at 9pm in the US on HBO.

The UK premiere arrives at 2am the following morning on Sky.

The episode will then be repeated at 9pm on Mondays, and will be available to stream on Sky and NOW following the initial airing.

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