People are completely baffled by the viral 'step trick'

@thecvmevp/Twitter screengrabs

Back in August 2017 the 'step trick' went viral, and people are still working out how to do it properly.

For those who missed the jumping madness, it involves a person 'stepping' (or appearing to step) on an invisible platform.

One of the most successful optical illusions was pulled off by Twitter user @teedoe - their video recently resurfaced and brought the craze right back into people's timelines.

The David Copperfield levels of trickery baffled the internet, and seemingly has been confusing it for years.

Here's a video uploaded in 2014 of the same feat.

In 2015, users on Reddit asked one another for the secret.

According to BuzzFeed, it's all about hopping with your other foot while the one on the 'step' remains in place.

So, strength, balance, and, some mime skills.

Step up.

HT Buzzfeed

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