Husband cancels wife's job interview to save her from 'heartache of rejection'

Husband cancels wife's job interview to save her from 'heartache of rejection'
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A woman with physical disabilities was ecstatic when she secured a job interview with a company open to accommodating her needs – that was until she discovered her husband had cancelled it behind her back.

Taking to Reddit, she revealed she was forced to leave her job in 2019 due to "physical disabilities." Since then, she said "no company" wanted to hire her, to which her husband said, "it's better [she] stayed at home and not worry about working."

Though she initially agreed to him becoming the "breadwinner", the dynamic soon shifted into her doing all the household chores despite experiencing "physical discomfort."

"He made a deal with me and promised that everything will be 50/50 once I start working again," she told the popular Reddit thread. "I told him I would find a job and he laughed and said 'good luck' (I remember this vividly because of the strange laugh that I never heard him laugh before)."

She spent the coming months on the hunt for a job when her friend's husband bagged her a potential position at a company that would allow her to work from home.

"I was so excited and felt like I'm capable again despite the struggle, they scheduled an interview with me," she said. However, when she shared the exciting news with her husband, "he looked red in the face" and said nothing.

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She later discovered the job interview was cancelled when a friend called her asking why she had turned it down. The Redditor had no idea.

In a shocking turn of events, the woman revealed to the thread: "My husband came home and admitted cancelling the interview.

"I asked why and he said that 'this job had lots of requirements and I didn't seem fit to be accepted there so to spare me the heartache of being rejected, he just cancelled the interview.

"I flipped out on him and told him he destroyed my one and only chance at landing a job. but he said he was just feeling concerned about my wellbeing".

He called her "horrible" for saying he had bad intentions and has "cold-shouldered" her since then. She concluded: "He also deleted my social media accounts claiming that they're bad for my mental health because of the negative effect some of those platforms have."

Redditors were on call to give their brutally honest opinion, urging her to leave the relationship immediately and slammed the husband as "abusive."

"As soon as I read the first line, my mind screamed 'GET OUT'", one commented.

Another expressed their concerns for the Redditor's "personal safety."

"Change all your passwords to something he can't guess," they advised. "Secure any important papers and get out of there as fast as you can."

Another added: "This sub's first response always seems to be to leave, but in this case, definitely. He's trying to control every aspect of your life - run, before he succeeds."

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