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A woman has claimed her husband demanded she packs his suitcase because it's part of her "household chores" – and people are furious.

The woman, who remains anonymous, took to a popular Redditthread to ask whether she was being unreasonable by refusing. She explained that her husband works full time while she stays at home with their three kids.

"He splits child care 40/60 but lets me handle 100/100 of household chores from cleaning, cooking, vacuuming to shopping and whatnot, saying it's my duty in replacement of work hours," she penned.

It all started when her husband received an invitation to his sister's wedding. However, the wife was not invited "because the wedding is allegedly 'child free'", but the excuse led her to believe it was a cover-up for a fight they had four months ago "over what school [their] eldest should attend."

The night before the flight, her husband "tossed" over a list of things he needed and asked to put his things together.

She explained: "I gave it back and said I won't do it. He was puzzled, asking why, I told him I was tired and went upstairs to sleep in the bedroom. moments later he barged in calling me petty for basically refusing to help him pack just because I wasn't going to."

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Her husband reportedly persisted that she should back the bags because she "always does it."

When she hit back and said she shouldn't have to do it now, she explained: "he said because of four letters 'SAHM' and it's essentially part of my household chores. I told him off, said I won't do it end of story and went back to sleep. He threw a 3min fit then walked out then came back and turned the light on at 3am to pack preventing me from sleeping."

"I told him this was pathetic and he said he's no match to how petty I am and ignored when I told him to turn the lights off repeatedly."

Reddit users were left fuming by the post and turned to the comments in the woman's defence.

One user vehemently declared the Redditor was not being unreasonable and that her husband treats her like a maid.

"Your husband’s been treating you like crap for a long time. A SAHM with three kids should not be doing 100% of the household chores. And packing up your husband’s clothes is NOT a household chore, that’s basic taking care of yourself. He’s essentially claiming that he’s one of the children and you’re his mommy too," they wrote.

Another focused on her not being invited to the so-called "child-free" wedding, saying: "Couldn't they have hired a babysitter or asked a friend or relative from her side to watch the kids? But the husband didn’t care."

A third candidly added: "At least with a divorce you can go back to raising just three kids instead of 4."

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