The top 100 Reddit controversies and debates of all time

The top 100 Reddit controversies and debates of all time
Reddit: A Look at Its Brief History

Reddit, which was founded in 2006, is a popular community platform for people to dive into forums that they're passionate about.

They can also share their own personal stories, questions, and pieces of advice on various topics that pique their interests and the interests of others worldwide.

But in the midst of that, some of those topics cause a big commotion on the platform, prompting others to have debates about what's right or wrong.

And, as you'd expect, Indy100 is always lurking, ready to bring you the best of the best from the website once dubbed the 'front page of the internet'.

We'verounded up 100 of the most controversial moments - linked to each story.

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1) Bride expects seamstress friend to make wedding dress for free

2) Bouncer’s ‘creepy’ note for blacked out punter horrifies the internet

3) Men are asking random guys to tempt their partners to cheat

4) Dad told son to ‘man up’ for crying, sparking a major Reddit debate

5) Wife upset after husband upgrades his ticket leaving her in economy

6) Woman makes husband miss brother’s wedding by making him fix toilet

7) Employee told to keep phone on and attend work meetings despite being on holiday

8) Woman says nightmare houseguest drank her breastmilk and disciplined her child

9) Husband cancels wife's job interview to save her from 'heartache of rejection'

10) Bride's fury at 'attention-seeking younger sister' who decided to get married first

11) Woman's husband throws away all her tampons because he 'hates them'

12) Boyfriend branded ‘a**hole’ after refusing to follow girlfriend’s ‘overly strict’ house rules

13) Parents mortified after their child overheard them having sex and told teacher about it

14) Man asks if he can do 'interpretative dance' at cousin's dad's funeral

15) Best man criticised for 'out of line' joke during wedding speech

16) Woman furious after boyfriend's mum tried to set him up with neighbour's daughter

17) Man slammed for mocking his wife’s traumatic birth

18) Man rinsed for refusing to get girlfriend birthday gift - despite buying him a holiday

19) Wife refuses to give unborn son her husband's surname and his family are 'furious'

20) Woman says she gave 'nice guy' a chance - and he asked her to move in on the third date

21) Husband slammed for saying stay at home mom should 'just get on with her job'

22) Wife left fuming after husband prioritises seeing new Batman film over birth of their child

23) Dad created spreadsheet to add up what daughter 'owes' and insists she pays him back

24) Reddit thread goes viral after employee accused of ‘ethnically stereotyping’ ginger cat called Jorts

25) Woman wants her boyfriend to not be able to afford his rent just so she can dump him

26) Mum’s decision to give twins the same name branded ‘idiotic’

27) Woman plays game of 'smash or pass' when her mother-in-law shows her pics of her husband's exes

28) Woman sparks debate after uninviting stepdad from her wedding even though he paid for it

29) Girlfriend 'tested' boyfriend by cancelling date last minute

30) Dad tells Reddit how he left teenage daughter stuck on roof ‘to prove a point’

31) Resident in neighbourhood row after throwing water on kid who ‘ding dong ditched’ – and Reddit is divided

32) Woman tells Reddit of family row over refusal to care for obese brother

33) Boyfriend tells how he ‘upset’ girlfriend by refusing to pay for her family’s Christmas gifts in Reddit post

34) Pregnant woman called ‘lazy’ and ‘given’ dirty looks for not giving up her bus seat

35) Teen called ‘little b****’ for not giving plane seat to older woman

36) Woman branded ‘sexist’ for not inviting boyfriend to girls’ night in

37) Man evicts his girlfriend after she ‘kicked out’ his cat

38) Bride explains why she hasn’t asked twin to be bridesmaid

39) Man divides internet by agreeing to be in his brother-in-law’s wedding

40) ‘Over two dozen’ leave job after boss berated intern over dying cat

41) Bride’s demand for gifts despite non-existent bridal shower ‘icky’

42) 'Homophobic' family won't allow sister to bring girlfriend to wedding

43) Couple argue after husband tells in-laws their marriage is open

44) Couple called ‘controlling’ for refusing to have an all-vegan wedding

45) Man who won $5.6m refuses to give any of the funds to his family

46) Bride hurt after groom suggests editing her scar out of wedding snaps

47) Husband criticised for making wife to do chores while pumping milk

48) People share the jobs they've done that they think are morally wrong

49) Plane passenger spots someone texting a friend: ‘We have Covid...shhh’

50) Restaurant demands workers get five '5 star' reviews to keep their jobs

51) Man gets shot by woman on their very first date together

52) Woman refused to pay kids who shovelled snow from her drive

53) Man puts his wife ‘on a budget’ to curb her ‘spending sprees’

54) Mother demands children give her gifts on their birthdays

55) A woman was seen working at a cash-register with newborn baby

56) Mum blasted for calling her daughter 'selfish' for not having children

57) Wife vents after husband said ‘just do your job’ as she cooked

58) Man asks if he can do 'interpretative dance' at cousin's dad's funeral

59) Woman hurt as ‘friend’ asks her to take off hijab for wedding

60) Woman in family row after giving fake house key to nosy mother-in-law

61) Couple 'arrested' at own wedding as dress was 'stolen' from groom’s ex

62) Groom slammed for inviting fiancée's school bullies to their wedding

63) 'Inconsiderate' wedding serves plate of leaves to vegan guests

64) Woman accused of ruining husband’s ‘dream’ for not hosting Christmas

65) Man gave permission for wife to cheat, regretted it and took to Reddit

66) Man's dying wife asks to have sex with her ex for one last time

67) Professor confesses she unknowingly slept with one of her students

68) Woman forces husband to ditch cat for her dog and Reddit is annoyed

69) Bride wants to wear borrowed dress despite disinviting dress’ owner

70) Man confronted wife for buying his birthday gift with his money

71) Infertile couple hurt after fake ‘I’m pregnant’ messages left by niece

72) Husband gives wife a list of ‘expectations’ for his ‘birthday month’

73) Woman slammed for wearing white to her blind cousin’s wedding

74) List of wedding ‘rules’ including ‘don’t talk to the bride’ goes viral

75) US dad refuses to let son learn about step-father’s Vietnamese culture

76) Man refuses to show his phone after woman accuses him of filming her

77) Parent called police on son’s friend when he wouldn’t leave their home

78) Stepmom cancels Christmas for ‘liar’ kids and sends them to their mom

79) Man criticised for shaming his wife for bleeding after giving birth

80) Husband made his wife ‘guess’ which family member had died

81) Bride slammed for charging guests $99 to eat at her wedding reception

82) Boss sparks heated debate after employee takes ‘mental health day’ off

83) Mixed race student told to ‘dye and straighten’ hair for team photo

84) Woman calls police on neighbour as she looks ‘too young’ to own home

85) Woman upset as mother-in-law blames her for grandchild’s ‘bad genes’

86) Woman plans to ditch pregnant sister-in-law as a bridesmaid over bump

87) Mum who can’t accept her daughter is gay gives number to male stranger

88) Bridesmaid is taking bride to court for kicking her out of her wedding

89) Bride asked friend to cut hair before wedding so she didn’t outdo her

90) Mum threatens to disown son for wanting to change his name

91) Dad demands babysitter replace $2,200 guitar that his daughter broke

92) Bride bans fiancé’s grandma from wedding to protect ‘party atmosphere’

93) Bride and groom post $240 bill to ‘no show’ wedding guests

94) Woman sells ex’s family heirloom to cover cancelled wedding costs

95) 'Bridezilla’ roasted for pinning up angry note for residents

96) Dad slammed for not taking photo with his daughter on her wedding day

97) Woman asks partner’s ex-wife to borrow wedding dress for big day

98) Couple get into row as man expects girlfriend to pay half his mortgage

99) Bride slammed for cutting trans sister from her wedding

100) Bride divides opinion after asking non-binary sibling to choose outfit

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