Man’s pillows compared to ‘tea bags’ after wife strip-cleans them for first time

<p>TikToker Lexi revealed how her husband’s pillows have not been cleaned in five years</p>

TikToker Lexi revealed how her husband’s pillows have not been cleaned in five years


A woman on TikTok washed her husband’s pillows for the first time in five years and people have compared the dirty pillows to “tea bags.”

How often we wash our bedsheets has always been a huge debate, but now the same conversation might need to happen with our pillows and duvets.

TikToker Lexi (@pwincesslexx) shared the process of washing her husband’s pillows to transform them from brown back to their original white colour.

You can watch the video in full here.

To begin with, Lexi places the two brown stained pillows into a bath filled with hot water and proceeds to add in washing detergent and scent boosting beads.

Next, Lexi pours some OXI Clean stain-removal powder over the pillows and leaves the mixture for a day to properly soak into the pillows and remove the dirt.

The TikToker checks in at different intervals to show how the mixture is working. Two hours in and the bathwater has already turned brown, then the water gets increasingly darker 8 hours in and then 14 hours in.

Lexi lets the pillows soak to get all the dirt outTikTok/pwincesslexx

Finally, at the end of the full 24 hours, we can truly see how filthy the pillows were as the bathwater is almost black and there is even black marks and dirt left over after Lexi empties the bath.

As a result of Lexi’s concoction, the pillows appear much cleaner as their brown hue is now gone and they look more like their original white colour.

Over 36.6m people have viewed the TikToker’s deep clean since posting, with 4.1m people liking the video.

There were also thousands of comments from people ripping into the dirty pillows.

One person wrote: “If u don’t throw them Boston Tea Party Tea bags away,” with a laughing emoji.

“Girl if you don’t throw them Benjamin Franklin pillows away,” another person commented.

Someone else added: “These are the pillows Charlie’s grandpa was sleeping on when he got the golden ticket.”

“What in the Covid-23 spirit airlines variant is this,” a fourth person commented.

There was also a debate in the comments as to how often we should be washing our pillows and duvets.

According to Good Housekeeping, duvets need to be washed every few months, or at least twice a year pillows should be washed every other month.

So after 5 years, Lexi’s husband’s pillows were well due a wash.

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