Husband’s reaction to discovering his wife is having a fifth baby is amazing

Husband’s reaction to discovering his wife is having a fifth baby is amazing

Discovering you're going to be a parent can trigger a wide range of emotions, from shock to excitement.

And it appears that mixture of emotions will hit you whether it’s your first or your fifth child– as one husband demonstrated in a hilarious TikTok.

TikToker Emily (@maverickmother) filmed the moment that she revealed to her husband that she was pregnant with their fifth child. Before sharing the video, Emily provided some context in the on-screen caption as to why his reaction was so priceless: “When you thought your fourth child was your LAST.”

Emily filmed herself setting up the reveal by hiding her positive pregnancy test underneath a book on the couple’s bed for the husband to find.

“Look under that book,” she tells him.


Husbands reaction is priceless 🤣 I can confirm he has got over the shock & very happy #pregnancyannouncement #funny #ohno#pregnant #maverickmother

He then walks over and opens the book which reveals the life-changing news. Realising what he is looking at, he lets out an “oh no!” in response.

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Completely taken aback by the news, he asks Emily: “Genuine?” His eyes then search around the room for a hidden camera, believing the setup up was a prank by his wife.

“That’s what we need right now,” he says, as Emily fights to hide her laughter at her husband’s shock.

“Where we gonna put it?” he hilariously asks, then adds: “Whose is it?”

After cracking a few jokes, the news finally seemed to sink. As Emily is still laughing, he tells her: “Come here. I love you with all my heart” and the pair can be heard kissing off-camera.

In her caption post, Emily described her husband’s reaction as “priceless” and confirmed that her husband had “got over the shock” and was “very happy.”

Since sharing her husband’s stunned reaction, Emily’s video has received 1.6m views and more than120,000 likes, along with dozens of comments from people who loved the TikToker’s husband’s reaction.

One person wrote: “‘Where are we gonna put it?’ I’m dead.”

“I love this because of the real, honest, shocked, reaction with the depth of love still there,” another person said.

Someone else asked: “Did he really ask ‘who’s is it?’”

In response, Emily detailed: “We were told it would be impossible to get pregnant following his testicular cancer. He’s just cracking jokes.”

“Haha that was so perfect. This is real life: funny and sweet in the end,” a fourth person commented.

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