This video of hybrid mutant plants will change the way you look at nature

This video of plants being joined together is so astonishing that it will change the way you look at nature.

Over a period of one minute, the process of ‘grafting’ is shown taking place with different plants.

Grafting is a horticultural technique whereby tissues of plants are joined together so that they can grow together. It forms a ‘hybrid’ plant, as seen multiple times in the captivating video.

An upper part, the scion, is joined with a lower part, the rootstock. One plant is generally selected for its roots and the other for its stems, leaves or flowers.

There are different approaches to ‘grafting’ but this video shows some pretty creative techniques.

In one clip, toothpicks and rubber bands are used to join the plants together.

In another, a drill and masking tape are used.

We'll be getting our gardening gloves on and giving it a go.

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