Influencer blocked escalator to perform TikTok dance – and the stunt divides opinion

<p>(Left) Gogan and her friend dancing at the bottom of the escalator, (Right) They get interrupted by someone who wants to use escalator</p>

(Left) Gogan and her friend dancing at the bottom of the escalator, (Right) They get interrupted by someone who wants to use escalator


A TikTok influencer decided to block an escalator with a friend in order to video a dance for her profile – and her antics divided opinion among her followers.

Andra Gogan (@andragogan) posted a behind the scenes clip of her and a friend dancing in front of an escalator at a busy shopping centre to “Best Friend” by Saweetie featuring Doja Cat.

The influencer can be seen rushing to balance her phone on an escalator step before running back down to start the dance with her friend.

As the two dance, the phone is slowing getting further away as the escalator goes further up, creating a video effect.

This is what the escalator video turned out like, but the behind the scenes received more viewsTikTok/andragogan

It meant people had to wait for them to finish their dance before they could go on the escalator.

Gogan has over 6.7m followers on TikTok, so it’s no surprise that this video has had over 31m views and 1.8m likes.

Some people left positive comments about Gogan’s TikTok escalator dance.

One person wrote: “The confidence y’all have to do this in public!!! RESPECT BBS.”

“I wish stuff like this happened around my town,” another person replied.

Someone else commented: “I honestly love that y’all finished the dance first, the effect is really cool too.”

However, many people in the comments criticised the TikTok creator for blocking the escalator when it’s supposed to be accessible for the public – not for TikTok dances.

One person said: “The fact that people were waiting to get on... this is so embarrassing.”

Someone else added: “Okay do what ya want in public but do no inconvenience other people because y’all want to make a video...”

While another person made a good point about the person filming the behind-the-scenes footage.

They wrote: “Shouldn’t the person filming this have just filmed from the escalator?”

It’s not the first time that Gogan has shared herself dancing at the bottom of escalators.

There are actually several different escalator videos on her profile – some which she has posted since her behind the scenes one – so it appears she has taken the criticism on the chin.

Some of Gogan’s other videos similarly block escalators in order to video a danceTikTok/andragogan

You can watch the video in full here.

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