Influencer brags about $2,000-a-month bottled water habit and needs four fridges to store it

Influencer brags about $2,000-a-month bottled water habit and needs four fridges to store it
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Popular TikTok influencer, Ryan Dubs, is known for his extravagant way of life and water is no exception to Dub's lavish taste.

In a video posted on Monday, Dubs revealed that he spends over $2,000 a month for bottled water to be shipped to his home.

While re-stocking one of his four fridges with the notorious glass cylinder bottles from Voss, Dubs explained, "I've always been a water snob, I hate the taste of tap water, I cannot drink it, I can only drink bottled water."

The video, which has over one million views, sparked much conversation by people.


It’s honestly a fashion accessory at this point 💧 #luxury #lifestyle #hgtv #rich #mansion #wealth #wealthymindset #water #voss

Many criticized Dubs' water bottle habit calling it "out of touch" since millions of people do not have access to clean water.

"People don't have clean water or any water at all and this guy out here 'I hate the taste of tap water I [can't] get it in me'" user @usmanjay commented.

"How out of touch can one person be? I'm loss for words 1 in 3 people don't have access to clean drinking water and this guy is flexing on $2K a month" @hazz96224 commented.

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Dubs explained he chose Voss water because it's "net carbon neutral" therefore having a smaller environmental impact than regular plastic water bottles. However, this information could not be found on their website. Rather Voss says it "maintains a strong commitment to sustainability focusing on package optimization, carbon footprint reduction and water stewardship".

Commenters also pointed out that having water shipped from Europe contributed to its carbon footprint because of transportation emissions.

Dubs seems to be fully aware the bottled water lifestyle is probably not for everyone but he doesn't seem to care about the haters.

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