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A Canadian influencer has turned to her Instagram followers to crowdfund money to pay for damages she caused to an Airbnb while on a "three-week bender."

Mary Magdalene (@1800leavemaryalone) was celebrating her 30th birthday in Los Angeles when she was hit with an £8,360 ($13,000) bill for the rental she had "trashed."

Mary initially denied wrecking the Airbnb and posted evidence showing the rental condition and the host's complaint. Though she later admitted fault for the damage.

Despite acknowledging she could afford to pay the bill herself, the self-described "plastic surgery fanatic" set up a GoFundMe page and took the bizarre request for donations to the platform.

Inevitably, it sparked a backlash among some users, who did not take kindly to her request. This prompted Mary to upload a clip explaining the situation.

"So a lot of people are really angry about the GoFundMe campaign," she said in the viral Instagram video.

"All I am doing is using platforms available to anyone to my benefit. Don’t hate the player, hate the game."

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The influencer said she knows that the campaign is "ridiculous" and that there are many more "real causes" for people to donate to.

"I am not delusional or acting like this is a big important cause – the platform is there so I am trying to use it before I am the one having to pay the thing in full, which I will.

"But why not try this first?"

Owning up to the mess, Mary said: "It’s my fault and I should not put myself in these situations."

She added: "Anyone who doesn’t want to help, I don’t blame you, but those who do, girl power to you.

"Sh*t, I was just keeping it real on what it’s for. For those who got offended I am sorry, like I said, don’t hate the player hate the game."

She said if the GoFundMe didn't work, she would pay the bill, adding that she "did her best" to keep the rental in good condition and even hired a maid.

"I feel bad because the host was nice to me, although I do feel I could have gotten the stain out of the couch because the maid I hired did before," she wrote.

Some people supported Mary's motive, with one writing: "Yass angel make that $$$ / Whoever is hating is jealous".

Another said, "You don’t owe nobody an explanation."

While a third added: "You’re being completely honest about what you need the funds for. No need to hate."

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