People are baffled by an influencer’s super-emotional Instagram post about mowing the lawn

People are baffled by an influencer’s super-emotional Instagram post about mowing the lawn

An Australian influencer took to Instagram over the weekend to share her emotional experience of mowing the lawn for the first time – and some have perceived it to be somewhat melodramatic.

Olivia Mathers shared an image of her garden to her Instagram Story, explaining to her 600,000 followers that she “had tears through the process.”

“Happy tears because I am just so f**king proud of myself,” she said. “It’s easy to be faced with an unknown/new situation and say ‘I can’t,’”

“My advice and something I am only just learning is, give yourself more credit and challenge yourself to create results you want in life, in every aspect. It’s damn f**king empowering,” she added before thanking her mum for “setting the absolute best example of someone who doesn’t give up and continues to defy all odds.”

“I’m so lucky to have the best role models and people that believe in me,” Olivia concluded.

The Instagram story caught the eyes of notorious Gossip Girl-esque Instagram account, Celeb Spellcheck, famed for putting influencers on blast.

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Sharing Olivia’s stories to their account, they immediately shut her sentimental statement down and said: “You mowed the lawn.”

Inevitably the post snowballed and prompted fellow Instagram users to chime in. “My three-year-old did more yard work than this today”, one commented.

While another added, “Unless she was on all fours with a pair of scissors.. colour me wildly unimpressed.”


The 24-year-old later reposted a fan’s post in defence of her Instagram Stories.

“She’s obviously going through a hard time at the moment and is proud of herself for getting up and doing something she hasn’t had to do by herself before,” they said.

“If she wants to celebrate that achievement, she has every right to.

“It’s so sad to see that some people will never have empathy or respect for anyone.”

She proceeded to thank the woman for “unapologetically emphasising” with her, and in her own words, she wrote: “I was saddened to see my vulnerable moment of gratitude be so quickly turned into a laugh.”

indy100 has reached out to Olivia Mathers for comment.

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