Intimacy coach reveals the items used to prevent ​​actors from actually having sex on set

Intimacy coach reveals the items used to prevent ​​actors from actually having sex on set
Intimacy coordinator Ita O’Brien on how to choreograph the perfect sex scene

An intimacy coach has revealed the secret tools used to prevent actors from actually having sex on set, during raunchy sex scenes.

Jessica Steinrock, who goes by @intimacycoordinator on TikTok and has worked on shows such as Fear the Walking Dead, took to her platform to spill the beans.

“How do we make scenes look real on TV? Well … this is certainly part of it!” she wrote on TikTok.

Steinrock held up some rolls of tape, nipple pasties/covers, and a fleshy-coloured bag, all while Montell Jordan’s song “This Is How We Do It” played in the background of the video.

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In a second video, she further explained how she choreographs the “spicy” television scenes.

“First up, we have a strapless thong which pretty much goes where a normal thong would be, but instead of string, it’s held up by adhesives,” she said.

Steinrock also said that they have body tape in various skin tones “for added security” to ensure that the garment stays put.

“Next, we have some handy silicone pasties. These are the ones I use in my everyday life. They prevent sensation and help actors stay covered.

“And last and not least, we have a modesty pouch. A garment typically used to provide coverage for people with penises.”

She then went on to note that these are the items for “modesty,” but she has better tools for simulating sex, stopping sensation, and protecting the actors overall.

People took to the comments of Steinrock’s post to express their amazement and also ask more in-depth questions.

One wrote: “I love these videos! Thank you! When a prosthetic is used, who is responsible for fitting and donning it?”

“Is it easier/more fun to film/choreograph comedic scenes or more serious ones? Do you have a personal fav? I love your account. It’s so cool!!” another added, which prompted Steinrock to reply: “I love comedy ones, personally.”

A third wrote: “Prevent sensation, I’ve always wondered why girls/guys in scenes are or are not affected by

Someone else who wanted to know about Steinrock’s career choice added: “Have you talked about how you got into this perfession? I am curious about that one.”

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