For anyone who's woken up feeling worse for wear, and equally unsure of where they are, we have the Twitter and Tumblr account for you.

Introducing Drunk Furniture.

Rhodri Marsden, who writes for The Independent, and fellow writer Sarah Bee are behind the Twitter account.

Rhodri told us he was inspired to act after seeing two sofas near his house that appeared "locked in a drunken, loving embrace".

"It just set off a weird train of thought, and I started looking online at pictures online of abandoned furniture. Suddenly they all looked like confused chairs and sofas that had got horrendously drunk and were now wandering miles from their usual habitat. My brain's been rewired now; I can't not see them in that context."

He explained that most people could identify with the forlorn pieces of furniture.

"Most of us have had experiences where we've ended up somewhere we weren't supposed to be, with people we weren't supposed to be with, with little memory of how we got there and with little clue what's going to happen next. We feel sorry for them," Rhodri said.

"Even though it's their fault and really shouldn't have drunk so much."

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