IShowSpeed and Kai Cenat blasted as 'idiots' by elderly woman on stream

IShowSpeed and Kai Cenat blasted as 'idiots' by elderly woman on stream
iShowSpeed broke streaming set up trying to replicate Man Utd star's bicycle …

Popular YouTubers IShowSpeed and Kai Cenat got themselves into trouble with an elderly woman while live streaming in a supermarket.

They're both known for their over-the-top reactions and ridiculous stunts but their antics recently annoyed a shopper.

On March 26, the pair combined for a joint stream on Rumble, setting about shopping in a local supermarket.

At one stage, Kai Cenat decided to get into the shopping trolley, which IShowSpeed then pushed around as they shopped.

But it got on an old woman's nerves, who decided to stop and give them a piece of her mind.

In the viral exchange, the woman says: "Why in the world do you not have any respect for people around you?"

IShowSpeed responds by asking 'what are you talking about' before the woman replies: "Don't act like an idiot, you're not an idiot."

The pair plead that they're 'just getting fried chicken' but the woman has none of it.

Kai Cenat then said 'we're not bothering anybody' but the woman said: "I approached you out of everybody else in this store because of what you are doing, it's disrespectful."

As the exchange continues, Kai Cenat says 'I can't believe this is real life' before the woman says: "Listen to me, if you want fried chicken, get out of that buggy, act like a man and act like you're supposed to in this store."

She even tells them both to 'shut up' at one stage just before Kai Cenat got out of the trolley, later saying 'you're not men, I hope you both grow into being fine men'.

What appears to be a member of staff then comes over asking what is going on and someone else is seen recording.

The staff member then asks Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed to 'move on' before security comes over.

The exchange goes on for more than five-and-a-half minutes.

And after the disagreement, she later called them both back to help her reach something from the top shelf, forgave them both and even gave them both a kiss, saying 'you're both someone's babies'.

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