Isis just claimed responsibility for Theresa May's cough


Everyone is making the same joke: that Isis were responsible for Theresa May's disruptive cough.

Describing Mrs May's speech, The Independent's Political Editor Joe Watts reported:

During a delivery that was at times difficult to watch, a prankster handed her a P45 in front of hundreds of party members and there were uncomfortable pauses as she repeatedly lost her voice, before croaking and coughing through long sections.

The performance approached the ridiculous, when letters began falling off the sign bearing the Conservative party’s slogan on the set behind her.

Cabinet members applauded, but at times looked mortified – in one scene captured on camera, Home Secretary Amber Rudd appeared to demand Boris Johnson stand and clap.  

A feed on Reddit, and columnist Hussein Kesvani were some of the first out of the gate with the joke that the terror group Isis were responsible for the Prime Minister's poor performance.

Isis recently claimed responsibility for the mass shooting in Las Vegas, despite the fact police have found no discernible political or religious motive held by the shooter Stephen Paddock.

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