A comedian has said she’s "deeply sorry" to New Zealand’s prime minister Jacinda Ardern after she tried to bake a cake in her likeness and it went very, very wrong

Laura Daniel baked the cake, which was meant to resemble Jacinda Ardern's face, during an episode of the TV programme Seven Sharp. She had challenged host Hilary Barry to a bake-off competition where both were tasked with baking an “iconic” Kiwi cake in two hours.

Daniel’s cake was certainly iconic… but maybe not for the right reasons.

Barry, an experienced baker, made pavlova in the shape of Mount Cook, New Zealand’s tallest mountain. But Daniel’s cake of Ardern, which used a picture on the front of her autobiography as inspiration, didn’t go down so well.

She wrote on Instagram:

I’m deeply sorry Jacinda Ardern.

I truly tried my best with what I had available… it’s made from another NZ icon lolly cake.

Daniel’s followers responded with plenty of light-hearted mockery and ridicule for her horrific creation.

Hilariously, the cake was so terrible that the PM actually took the time to respond... during a global health crisis.

She simply commented:


Because sometimes an emoji says it all…

Meanwhile, Ardern’s handling of the coronavirus crisis has put other world leaders to shame. She recently announced that she and her ministers would be taking a 20 per cent pay cut in solidarity with New Zealand’s workforce.

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