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Job interviews are an overrated method of assessing a candidate, research increasingly shows.

Being forced to expose your professional ambitions while tailor yourself to a vacancy is a demanding dance to perform.

Especially if you're nervous.

Job interviewers will ask you about your weaknesses and your goals - the may also set up certain questions to test your priorities, not just your aptitude for the role.

Lillian Roberts, co-founder of accounting firm Xendoo, told CNBC that she will ask applicants the following question:

In what order do praise, financial advancement and personal accomplishment drive you?

It's sort of a trick question to begin with, but it also reveals a lot about somebody.

Roberts says there is a correct answer.

Personal Accomplishment. Financial Advancement. Praise.


Personal achievement should come first. Your work should motivate you and you should take pride in performance.

Praise should come last, because you should know when your work is good intuitively, and should not seek plaudits from others.

As for the paycheck?

If they say financial first, it makes me wonder why in the world. 

Even if you think financial, don't say that on an interview.



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