People spot similarity between Trump and Biden's Covid-infection aftermath

People spot similarity between Trump and Biden's Covid-infection aftermath
US President Joe Biden tests positive for COVID

Although many people recover from Covid-19 by relaxing on their couch and binging the latest TV series, it seems that if you are the president of the US, the protocol looks a little different.

There seems to be a Covid White House press approach that encourages the presidents wear a suit with no tie while looking busy for photographs shuffling papers around a deks.

The Twitter account @guy_freire posted a side-by-side photo of President Joe Biden and Former President Donald Trump sitting at their desks, appearing to sign documents.

"When a president gets Covid, they take away his tie and make him do paperwork," the caption read.

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The White House press team presumably believes that the country expects to see the president getting to work, even when not feeling well.

But, the tie-less look can show the public that they're still a little under the weather.

People took to the comments of @guy_freire's post to make jokes and questioned what they saw in the photos.

One wrote: "These men both look like they are taking a scavenger hunt at the retirement home a little too seriously."

"Imagine we had a President who spoke about work/life balance instead of pretending to be worked to the bone like the rest of us," another added.

A third posed the questions of taxes and wrote: "Now that I think about it…. Why do the presidents work with spiral notebooks and Sharpies exclusively? Like SURELY our taxes have paid for a laptop, yeah?"

Someone else added: "This is a very good idea. No tie: sensibly stepping back for a few days. Paperwork: but not taking it too easy, still doing the day-to-day stuff."

The attire presidents don can be contentious.

In 2014, former President Barack Obama wore a "casual" suit at a news conference on the military campaign against ISIS in Syria.

Despite the conference's intent to focus on the fight against Isis and Russia's intervention in Ukraine, Obama's style choice got attention, which created a response known as "Tan-gate."

Some people even called Obama's suit choice "unpresidential" and a "monstrosity."

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