Joe Rogan says the viral 'Hawk Tuah' girl is 'smart' for this one reason

Joe Rogan says the viral 'Hawk Tuah' girl is 'smart' for this one reason
Who is the viral "Hawk Tuah" girl? - Know Your Meme / VideoElephant

Podcaster Joe Rogan has given his thoughts on the viral “Hawk Tuah” girl and argued she is very “smart” for one reason in particular.

The now viral moment occurred when YouTubers Tim & Dee TV went out on the streets interviewing partygoers about relationships.

In one NSFW moment, they asked Hailey Welch, a woman from Tennessee, about what makes a man go crazy in the bedroom, to which she replied: “Oh, you gotta give him that hawk tuah and spit on that thang! You get me?”

The clip has subsequently gone viral across social media with Welch becoming an instant meme. So much so that Joe Rogan spoke about the video on a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience.

The "Hawk Tuah!" Girl's Viral

“I love moments like that, where one weird video, it’s so funny that the whole world sees,” Rogan said. “Especially the way she says it. Like that lady, she’s not pretending. She’s not posing.”

Rogan suggested “she's probably panicking”, but he was informed by another guest, the comedian Brian Simpson, that Welch is making “hawl tuah” merchandise and has partnered with the clothing brand Fathead Threads off the back of the video.

The host said: “Oh, I need to buy a shirt!”

Rogan’s podcast guests pondered how much money she is now making, with Rogan adding that she’s “smart” to capitalise on her viral fame while it’s at its peak.

The host argued: “It is smart that she jumped right on it, because you gotta think it’s only been a few days."

They also joked that the men who have first hand experience are going to start making TikTok videos.

“Those guys are about to make some TikTok videos, just like sitting there with a cup of coffee on the porch, like ‘let me tell you something. It’s real’,” Rogan joked.

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