Joey Swoll offers legal help to man called a 'predator' by woman at the gym

Joey Swoll offers legal help to man called a 'predator' by woman at the gym

Joey Swoll helps man take legal action after woman at the gym calls him a 'predator'

@jane_kar_555 / @thejoeyswoll

Fitness influencer Joey Swoll is offering to help a man who was called a "predator" by a woman at the gym, after she accused him of filming her.

Conversations around gym etiquette have dominated discourse online in recent years, and there's no doubt that women can often face inappropriate behaviour whilst at the gym, but this woman has gone viral after taking an accusation a bit too far.

In a video that is going viral across social media, a woman named Jane Vega accused a man of filming her whilst she was working out. Vega claims the man took a "quick Snapchat" when she wasn't looking, only noticing when she watched the footage back.

“That’s what predators do. F***ing creep,” she wrote in a now-deleted Instagram post. “I am so glad I did not see you do this because if I did, I’d be in jail and you’d be in the hospital.”

However, after seeing the clip, fitness influencer Swoll offered to pay for the accused man's lawyer fees if he decided to pursue legal action.

“It looks to me like he lifts his phone up slightly to use facial recognition to unlock it. Not to mention his finger is literally over the camera lens and at that angle, he’d be taking a photo of the ground, not you!” he blasted.

“Then you go and you threaten this man. You call him a ‘predator’ and you share the location of his gym? Really? This gym should kick your ass out. And that man, if possible, should press charges against you. You need to do better.”

In a follow up on Twitter/X, Swoll shared that he had spoken to his lawyer, who agreed to "happily take care of this" for the man in the video if he decided to.

Currently it seems that no one has come forward.

Vega appears to have deleted the video but not made a public response. Indy100 has reached out to Vega for comment.

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