Blind man kicked out of gym 'for staring at a woman'

Blind Man KICKED OUT Of Gym After Accused Of Staring!

A 21-year-old has recalled the mortifying time he was kicked out of a gym for "creepily" staring at a woman – despite being blind.

Toby Addison, a psychology and counselling student who frequently posts on his TikTok @blindtobes , appeared on the 'Happy Hour Podcast' earlier this month.

He explained the incident in which he was working out "minding his own business," when he heard a woman say: "Oh, do you like the view?"

"Obviously I don’t really know where I’m looking a lot of the time," Toby shared on the podcast episode. "I was just staring right ahead and unfortunately there was a woman doing some exercises."

Toby said he initially didn't know she was speaking to him as he "wasn't doing anything wrong." However, the woman reiterated: "'Why do you keep staring at me? Stop, don’t be so creepy.'"

He told her he was blind, but she "wasn't having any of it."

She allegedly went on to tell Toby to "'shut up'" before having the gym manager remove him from the facility.

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Blind Man KICKED OUT Of Gym After Accused Of Staring!

Podcast viewers flooded the clip with praise for the content creator, with one writing: "Really inspiring guy...been dealt a bad hand but living happily and progressing in life ... I commend you, brother."

Another added: "Absolutely mental they still asked him to leave after explaining he was blind. Some people man. Great story tho Tobes! Inspirational af."

Meanwhile, a third wrote: "Wow. I didn't even think something like this would happen. Poor guy."

Many more viewers urged Toby to sue or name and shame the gym in question.

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