<p>A photo of Kreation Organic Juice’s job post online</p>

A photo of Kreation Organic Juice’s job post online


Haven’t they heard The Great Resignation is already scaring job seekers away?

A photo of what appears to be a job ad from Kreation Organic Juice was shared on the subreddit Los Angeles. California forum; and the requirements for the job are questionable to say the least.

The “Wanted” a includes a few key—very specific—descriptions of the employee the juice shop is hoping to hire.

It reads: “Still looking for that special person. You know the one...” and lists the following qualities of their ideal candidate: “actually available, has an open schedule, doesn’t cry, is never late, has no excuses, works hard, has no bull****, smiles no matter what.”

“That one!” the listing quips. “Think you might be the one? We’re hiring.”

Alongside the image, Reddit user @djmattyd, captioned their post: “Local “juicery” seems like a real garbage place to work.”

The image has also been shared on Twitter by @jensontitus.

Kreation Organic Juice is a popular celeb-favorite destination, with locations only in California.

The giant red flag of a job posting has attracted a strong reaction from those online.

“Reads like a shitty dating profile,” joked one Reddit user.

“What is happening at the smoothie place where people are crying?” asked another on the platform.

“Just another example of not trusting a place that turns C’s into K’s to be ‘cute,’” read one Redditor’s comment.

On Twitter, one tweet read, “You can just tell by this note that they've been through a ton of people who quit after two weeks for some mysterious reason.”

“Openly admitting you have a toxic working environment and still blaming the workers is deeply diseased,” wrote another.

Indy100 has reached out to Kreation Organic Juice for comment.

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