Man goes to incredible lengths to cover up the swimming pool he's built in his house

Man goes to incredible lengths to cover up the swimming pool he's built in his house
Dog jumps into pool and fails the first few times

How far would you go in order to build your own private pool in your basement?

A man on TikTok has impressed the internet with his dedication and racked up millions of views after documenting how he tricked the authorities into letting him have his own pool indoors.

Matt, who goes by the TikTok username @kc_mattd, shared his work in an incredible video which begins with him digging up the ground in his basement.

After making a start, he revealed he was ‘busted by the officials’ and had to rethink his strategy.

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“Here’s the final part of this story, you guys knew I was building a pool. I got the thing entirely done.”

The clip then shows the build coming together, with Matt smoothing out the concrete surfaces and adding high walls.

“I filled it with water. The family was swimming,” he said. However, there was another twist that viewers didn’t see coming.

“Then I get a letter from the city that says they’re coming over to inspect my house, they think there’s a code violation.”

He added: “I’m not taking any chances. I go get a golf simulator out the garage, I drain the pool and I put this golf simulator inside the hole to tell the city that’s what it’s for.”

Matt then received another letter rejecting his claims. In an effort to convince them, he went out and bought a load of turf to line the pool and added some custom woodwork for a really convincing finish.

The video shows an impressive amount of dedicationTikTok/@kc_mattd

In order to really make sure it would pass the inspection, he said he took the inspector to a Chiefs game and supplied him with beer.

After a wild day out, in which he ‘went dancing with the inspector’s girlfriend’, he claimed the inspector came over the next day and approves it because he could ‘barely see’.

Then, all that’s left is to remove the golf simulator and enjoy the pool. Genius.

Now, as this is the internet, people are casting doubt on the story. As people pointed out, as there is no picture of the pool full of water and being used, Matt could always have intended to use the space as a golf simulator after all.

“Since there's no picture of the pool in action, that was almost certainly always the plan,” one social media user wrote.

“Ya the simulator looks too damn sick for that not the be the plan. Terrific video,” another said.

Whichever way you think about it, though, you can’t deny it’s a cool video.

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