Kellyanne Conway promotes her book - and everyone has the same reaction

Kellyanne Conway promotes her book - and everyone has the same reaction
Kellyanne Conway defends Trump after Capitol insurrection

Kellyanne Conway, one-time senior counselor to former President Donald Trump, recently announced her upcoming memoir “Here’s The Deal” - and people can’t help but remember her brash moments during her time as an advisor.

On Thursday, Conway took to her Twitter to announce her memoir, which is slated to be released on May 24.

“I’ve written a book - a memoir - that details my journey as only child of a single mom to presidential campaign manager and counselor. Join me inside the White House and my own house. Preorder HERE'S THE DEAL today!”

But people were puzzled who its intended audience is, and whether it will contain and infamous "alternative facts".

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“The title should be I can’t tell the truth,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“To be found in the Fiction sections, as it is sure to have many alternative facts,” another added.

Someone else said that the book is a journey they won’t embark on and wrote: “Sorry Kellyanne….this is one journey I’m not taking even if someone offers me the book for free. I have no desire to affirm the life of a liar on a book tour.”

Check out what other people had to say below:

Conway isn’t really a stranger to alternative facts and embarrassing moments while in the White House. After Michael Flynn resigned in February 2017, following the Russian diplomat scandal, Conway spoke with Matt Lauer on NBC's Today Show to explain why he had left his position. She didn’t do the best job to the point that Lauer said she “wasn't making sense.”

Hopefully her memoir makes some sort of sense to those who decide to read.

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