<p>Would you try them?</p>

Would you try them?

Facebook/Larmer’s Butchers

A butcher shop in Ireland has turned heads after creating a sausage that is flavoured with Kinder Bueno.

Larmer’s Butchers, based in Monaghan in Ireland, has been in business since 1929 but they are clearly not short of new ideas as they posted about their very unique creation on their Facebook page.

They wrote: “New Sausage Update. Here’s one for the kids. Kinder Bueno Pork Sausages.

“All our sausages are made here in store and these are actually lovely don’t knock them till you try.”

Alongside the caption, they posted an image of the sausages sitting next to some Kinder Buenos with the label describing them as “Kinder Bueno pork sausages”.

The chocolate bars used are made by Ferrero and feature a hazelnut-cream filled wafer covered in chocolate.

The sausages are on sale in the Larmer’s Butchers shop for €8 per kilo (£6.85) and have certainly caused a stir among Facebook users.

The post has been shared more than 1,600 times and has received more than 7,400 comments.

It’s safe to say that most people thought the flavour combinations were a step too far, though some could understand how the flavours of pork and chocolate might work together.

One person commented: “Yeah maybe for a pregnancy craving not for anything else.”

Another insisted: “You’ve lost your mind if you’re even thinking of that madness!”

One person defended the combination, writing: “Sugar/sweetness complements pork. Also goes really well with Hazelnut. Chocolate needs to be subtle though.”

Another said they looked nice, writing: “Them sausages look gorgeous.”

Some were unsure, as another Facebook user wrote: “I don’t know how to feel.”

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