Clips of time man shot blanks at King Charles resurface online

Clips of time man shot blanks at King Charles resurface online
Moments King Charles has become irritated by pens

Following the death of the Queen last week at the age of 96, her eldest son Charles has become the new King.

King Charles III is now the new head of state, but the line of succession could have turned out very differently.

In 1994, there was an unnerving incident involving Prince Charles during an event in Sydney, Australia. A protestor jumped onto the stage carrying a starting pistol and fired two blank shots toward Charles.

On 26 January 1994, 23-year-old university student David Kang fired blank shots in what he said was a protest about the treatment of hundreds of Cambodian asylum seekers being held in detention camps in Australia.

Kang had reportedly written 500 letters about the asylum seekers to newspapers and world figures, including Prince Charles.

It is not believed Kang was trying to kill Charles, but he was charged and found guilty of threatening unlawful violence and was sentenced to 500 hours of community service.

A clip of the incident was shared by the Twitter account WTF Facts, which wrote: “In 1994, during an event in Sydney, an Australian protester jumped on stage with a pistol and fired two blank shots at the recently crowned King (then Prince) Charles of the United Kingdom. This was his reaction:”

In the video, Charles can be seen calmly adjusting his cuffs as his security team bundled the protestor to the ground. He only appeared to move after one of his security pushed him away.

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As the clip has been shared across social media, people have been saying the same thing about his apparent calm response to it all.

“Man’s didn’t even shake one bit,” one shocked veiwer wrote.

Another said: “Tbf to the big-eared galoof, fixing your cuffs while being shot at is pretty cool.”

Someone else wrote: “The confidence...Goddamn.”

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